Lakkars provides everything you need for the coordination of any kind of event you have in mind! Place your trust in us and we will help you organize the event of your dreams in the most professional, quickest and economical way. Executing the perfect wedding day–or wedding weekend–is all in the organization, details, and logistics. An event planner worth their salt can take on the execution of any event, consult on its styling and design, and help you successfully manage your expectations and budget.

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Lakkars is an extremely Best Wedding Planners. We will furnish the best services for organizing, planning and executing all types of events to prove our own selves as the best firm in Execution and Event planning. From the competition between several Event Management Companies, it takes a lot of effort to stand out in the top. In any situation, with us you can be sure of all your expectations being met on a time-based commitment of all services. We completely give assurance to your satisfaction and fulfillment.

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The joys of marriage are priceless. A wedding, that you wouldn’t want to forget in a hurry, however, isn’t. Lakkars is the care and dedication with which an exclusively dedicated team analyze and understand our client’s finances. Helping you avoid the most common financial pitfalls and trimming down your expenses is our primary objective, one we achieve by giving your budget a much needed financial direction. The team in such a manner that they ensure you get the best of deals without having to compromise on quality.

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Other Services

Lakkars is in the Top Event Companies, our services include Corporate Events, Brand Activation, Health Festival, Exhibition, Holi events, Public, & Entertainment. Lakkars turns out quality events for your brands, keeping in mind the event objectives, budgets, also cultural landscapes. As an Event Companies, we are always looking to create fascinating as well as impactful experiences for clients. We expect, plan, execute and manage various kinds of celebration, but it also involves creating once in a lifetime experience for guests.


Lakkars offers those ever-so-important services related to weddings. In fact, we love all things weddings to such an extent that we take pleasure in managing all aspects in a bid to make your special day an extraordinary one that will be forever remembered. Looking to plan a multi-day celebration with elaborate and regal touches? Do you want your wedding to take place at a destination of your choice but you have no idea how to go about it? Or, maybe you just need some help to pop the question in the most beautiful setting. We at Lakkars Events & Weddings can handle it all!


Selecting the right venue for your wedding might be one of the toughest tasks to be undertaken. Bearing in mind what’s best for you, and your partner, the team at Lakkars helps you choose a venue that accommodates your every single need.


The Wedding Decorators will work along these boundaries to ensure an appropriate ambience. Sourcing and handcrafting unique elements, finding the very best suppliers and briefing them on execution your concept making them with Colorful Wedding Decorations.


While you are occupied, you must remember your guests need to be entertained as well. At Lakkars, we can make this happen and never allow for a dull moment. We have an extensive list of the most innovative, talented artists on the forefront with us.


Whilst Wedding Invitations are undoubtedly the most important item of wedding stationery, there are many other items that you’re likely to need to ensure that your big day is as special as it can be, and we at Lakkars will guide you in the right direction to think out of the box when it comes to invitations and special messages. Thank-you notes as well as Save the Date invitations are our specialties.

Bridal Styling: Makeup & Hair

Consulting and coordinating with designers and professional stylists for hair, makeup, mehendi, accessories, wardrobe and sari draping as per your vision and budget, and in keeping with the latest trends and your body type, Assistance with complete trousseau planning, shopping and packaging.


Service Provider management, Wedding Photography & Cinematography services, Styling and Grooming services, Pre-Wedding Ceremonies and much more we having the aim of making valuable client’s life simpler, we want you to enjoy your event fully whereas all other hard works will be done by us.

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